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Today’s Wound Clinic provides practical, timely insight into clinical and operational issues inherent to the success of an outpatient wound center. Readers will benefit from the interactive nature of feature articles and regular departments that address medical and practice management options and perspectives affecting fiscal and, most importantly, patient outcomes of wound clinics. Articles from knowledgeable, experienced practitioners are invited and will be subject to Editorial Board review.

Issuance:  12x per year

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2019 Editorial Calendar
January Regulation & Compliance
February New Realities of Wound Care & LTC
March Wound Care & Emergency Medicine
April Digital Healthcare in the Wound Center/SAWC Spring Issue/WCB Mtgs
May Skin Care in the Outpatient Center/WCB Mtgs 
July Diabetes & Nutrition
August Current State of Physician Payments/WCB Mtgs
September HBOT & NPWT updates/WCB Meetings
October Reimbursement Trends/SAWC Fall 
November How is Medicare Changing Wound Care?
December Reader's Choice Issue
2019 Circulation
Program Directors 1,226
Medical Directors 1,400
Clinical Managers 700
Other 174
Grand Total 3,500