Meeting Management - Wound Clinic Business

The Wound Clinic Business meetings continue to educate professionals across the United States on reimbursement and coding updates needed each year. Since wound management reimbursement continues to evolve, we’ve focused our business on improving theirs. In response to participants’ requests, the 2020 Wound Clinic Business meetings will include interactive reimbursement scenarios focused on:

  • Pertinent new coding, coverage, and payment guidelines
  • How to avoid common reimbursement mistakes
  • Coordination of reimbursement across the continuum of care

These scenarios will pertain to the work of physicians, podiatrists, non-physician practitioners, therapists, and hospital-owned outpatient wound management provider-based departments. 

Visit our website to view the full agenda:
  • HOPD Program Directors & Directors of Outpatient Services
  • Coding & Billing Personnel
  • Audit Directors & Revenue Cycle Managers
  • Medical Directors
  • C-Level Executives (CEO/COO/CFO)
  • Clinical Team working in the HOPD including the Physician, Nurse, NP, PA, PT and DPM



Kathleen Schaum is a nationally recognized wound care reimbursement strategy consultant and educator with nearly 50 years of industry experience. Ms. Schaum shares her up-to-the-minute reimbursement knowledge with all wound care stakeholders who want to establish/maintain/improve their wound care businesses. In addition to presenting at the 10 Wound Clinic Business seminars, Kathleen provides reimbursement education at many regional and national wound care symposiums. Here are just a few of WCB attendees’ evaluations of Kathleen: “Kathleen’s energy and passion for helping the wound industry succeed is evident throughout the seminar.” “Kathleen always takes the time to thoroughly answer our wound care reimbursement questions.” 

Kathleen also shares her wound care knowledge through 2 monthly journals. She is on the founding editorial board of Today’s Wound Clinic and is celebrating her 10th anniversary as the creator and author of the Business Briefs column in that journal. Kathleen is also celebrating her 17th anniversary as the creator and author of the Payment Strategies column in Advances in Skin & Wound Care. The wound care industry relies on Ms. Schaum to keep them informed about the coding, payment, coverage, and audit changes that impact their revenue in both the “volume-based” and “value-based” payment systems. 


For over 25 years, Jolayne has worked in the health care industry years in a variety of sectors, including a world-leading medical device company, a large commercial payer, and a physiatry practice. As a consultant and Certified Professional Coder, she has used this broad experience to build unique expertise in medical device and drug optimization strategies for product reimbursement. 

Jolayne also provides CPT, RUC and strategic consulting to the American Society of General Surgery. She helps guide them on the political and economic changes that affect general surgeons and the quality care they provide for their patients. Ms. Devers is frequently a national speaker on healthcare policy and reimbursement issues that affect manufacturers and providers in a variety of sectors. 

Jolayne’s specialized experience in reimbursement commercialization programs for cell tissue products (CTPs) and other wound care devices brings a unique perspective to the Wound Clinic Business program. She is excited to share her industry experience and technical expertise with wound care stakeholders.  



 Sponsors will benefit from:

  • Company logo included on all advertisements & the meeting website linking back to your company’s homepage
  • Over three hours of exhibit/networking time with attendees
  • Opportunity for your sales representatives to meet face to face with key decision makers who purchase your services, products, and documentation systems 
  • Complete attendee list sent via email post-meeting including contact information
  • 5 free registration passes for each sponsored city for HMP to invite clinicians on your behalf (value of $399 each)
  • 50 to 100 meeting brochures per sponsored city for sales representatives to invite clients or prospective clients
2020 Cities & Dates:
  • March 13th Austin, TX

  • August 14th Philadelphia, PA 

  • August 21st Chicago, IL 

  • August 28th Boston, MA

  • September 11th Pittsburgh, PA

  • September 18th Orlando, FL

  • September 25th Atlanta, GA

  • October 9th St. Louis, MO

  • October 16th Dallas, TX

  • October 29th- Las Vegas, NV (co-located with SAWC Fall)