SAWC Focus Groups

Is your company looking to collect valuable face to face feedback from wound care professionals? HMP will help your company organize focus groups targeting specific professional titles and/or care settings. 

Location, Dates & Timing: HMP can suggest the best time/place to host your focus groups. based on the SAWC agenda and other events happening during the conference.                

Recruitment: Your company will provide criteria for nurses & physicians to be invited to the meeting. HMP will send a survey to targeted the given audience to recruit interviewees matching your criteria. HMP can recruit for multiple groups and multiple titles.

Additional HMP Responsibilities:

  • Room rental and coordination with hotel or conference center
  • Rental and coordination for any other materials needed for the meeting (flip charts, etc…)
  • Signage for meeting
  • Printing of tent cards with panelists names
  • Coordination of Food & Beverage
  • Secure signed CDA (Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement) from all panelists which your company will provide
  • Honoraria for panelists


Select & Coordinate a moderator for the focus group and we will handle the rest! Contact your HMP representative to learn more about this opportunity.