Digital Media- Videos

HMP now offers several different video options to assist your company with developing, hosting and/or promoting multimedia.The Poster Videos give your company the opportunity to feature posters presented at recent conferences in a multimedia format with expert commentary and distribute the information to a larger audience (Wound Management & Prevention, WOUNDS, Today's Wound Clinic and/or Podiatry Today). HMP can also assist with Product Videos, short clinical presentations and other types of video. These videos can be taped, produced and edited by the HMP team or we can host your company-producted video on one of our websites. 

HMP's Video Programs can include the following:
  • Coordinate and capture speakers audio presentations for a poster presentation, clinical presentation or how-to product application video (suggested length is 2-3 minutes)*
  • Provide all the technical logistics for video recording* & video posting/archiving
  • Archive the video for 12 months on website
  • Advertise the video on multimedia section of the homepage 
  • Advertise the video on our Wound Care Learning Network site and Resource Center when applicable to the topic being discussed
  • E-blast program to full wound care audience promoting the video
  • Block advertisement on video page linking back to company website
  • Provide Lead Generation page post segment for viewer to fill out
  • Provide real-time leads for viewers via email
*Item is included if HMP is creating the video. Not included if the company is supplying the video to be hosted.

Average Metrics (12 month campaign):
  • 600 to 800 plays
  • Videos are 4 minutes long on average
  • Viewers watched 70% of entire video
Click the images below to view different types of examples:
Example of Poster Video:
Example of short clinical presentation video:
Example of Product How-To Video: