Product Videos

HMP has the opportunity to highlight and promote your company's product and/or clinical presentation videos to a larger audience. You company can supply the video and we will host on one of our websites as well as add lead generation and a marketing plan to promote. 

HMP's Product or Clinical Video Program includes the following:
  • Taping, Editing and Producing product how-to video or clinical presentation (suggested length is 2-3 minutes, no longer than 5 minutes)
  • Posting video to HMP site of your choice and archiving for 12 months
  • Provide all the technical logistics for video posting/archiving
  • Advertise video on multimedia section of the website and the homepage
  • E-blast Program to full wound care audience
  • Block advertisement on video page linking back to company website
  • Provide Lead Generation page post segment for viewer to fill out
  • Provide real-time leads for viewers via email
*If needed, HMP can schedule a time to record your presenter and develop the video for you if you don't have one created. This would be an additional cost to the program.
Click the image below to view example: