Digital Media- Poster Videos

HMP's Poster Video Program will give your company the opportunity to feature posters presented at recent conferences in a multimedia format with expert commentary and distribute the information to a larger audience (OWM, WOUNDS, Today's Wound Clinic and/or Podiatry Today).

HMP's Video Poster Program includes the following:
  • Coordinate and capture speakers audio presentations for one poster presentation (suggested length is 2-3 minutes)
  • Provide all the technical logistics for video recording & video posting/archiving
  • Archive the e-poster program for 12 months on website
  • Advertise e-poster program on multimedia section of the homepage
  • E-blast program to full wound care audience promoting the poster video
  • Block advertisement on video page linking back to company website
  • Provide Lead Generation page post segment for viewer to fill out
  • Provide real-time leads for viewers via email
Average Metrics (12 month campaign):
  • 600 to 800 plays
  • Videos are 4 minutes long on average
  • Viewers watched 70% of entire video
Click the images below to view examples: