The Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) is the preeminent multidisciplinary organization for wound care. AAWC is a nonprofit association, headquartered in the United States. This organization is open to everyone involved in wound care, including clinicians, patients and their lay caregivers, facilities, industry, students, retirees and others interested in the care of wounds. AAWC was conceived in 1995 to spread awareness by promoting excellence in education, clinical practice, public policy and research.

Our Mission: The AAWC gives its members the opportunity, through numerous Association benefits and activities, to build a collaborative community to facilitate optimal care for those who suffer with wounds. This community encourages an equal partnership among all individuals who are involved in the care of patients.

wound healing society

Wound Healing Society
The Wound Healing Society is a non-profit organization composed of clinical and basic scientists. The Society provides a forum for interaction among scientists, physicians, licensed practitioners, industrial representatives and government agencies. Membership to the Society is open to individuals who have a demonstrated interest in the field of wound healing.

Founded in 1990, the Society is recognized among professionals and government agencies as the leading scientific organization focused in this area of wound healing. Today, its membership consists of about 500 physicians, residents, practitioners, students and other researchers from the U.S. and other countries. The Society publishes the leading journal in this area, Wound Repair and Regeneration.


The North American Center for Continuing Medical Education, LLC (NACCME) is committed to developing and disseminating live, print, and web-based CME/CE activities to provide an educational forum through which healthcare practitioners may examine current medical issues, therapies, and technologies. The content of NACCME-sponsored CME/CE activities is designed to bridge the gap between current and best healthcare practices and to improve healthcare quality by strengthening practitioner awareness of evidence-based patient care advances in a broad range of therapeutic areas. NACCME produces CME/CE activities for physicians, pharmacists, podiatrists, nurses, physician assistants, and other allied healthcare professionals. The objective of the NACCME CME/CE program is to increase healthcare practitioner knowledge, competence, and performance, thereby improving patient outcomes.